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Oklahoma Auto insurance coverage

How commercial insurance can protect a Pryor, OK business

Owning a business is a dream that many people have. When you do own your own business, it is important that you properly protect this dream and investment. One of the best ways to do this if you own a business in the Pryor, OK area is by getting a full commercial insurance policy as it can protect your business a number of different ways.

Protects Your Business Assets

For you to build and grow a business, you will undoubtedly need to invest a lot of money into your company. This can include buying assets that are necessary for your business to succeed. Some of these assets can include inventory, real estate, or capital equipment. If these assets were to be damaged or destroyed, it could be very damaging for your business. When you get a commercial insurance policy, these assets will be covered if they are damaged, stolen, or destroyed.

Gives You Valuable Liability Coverage

All business owners end up taking on a lot of liability whenever they are serving a customer. If you end up causing an injury or illness due to a product or service that you sell, it could be extremely damaging to your business. Fortunately, those that get a commercial insurance policy in the Pryor, OK area will have coverage if they are found to be at fault. This could be extremely valuable coverage that will save your business.

Ultimately, businesses that are in Pryor need to be properly covered by commercial insurance to ensure that they are protected. When you are looking for a commercial insurance policy in Pryor, you should speak with Safe Insure Plus LLC to discuss your insurance needs. The team at Safe Insure Plus LLC will be able to examine your business and figure out what policy is right for your organization. 

Some Factors Involved In Determining Your Equine Insurance

We take great pleasure and pride in serving our clients. Where you purchase insurance matters greatly. You can trust that we are taking great care of all of your insurance needs. 

Equine Insurance generally comes in three different modes of coverage: medical, liability and mortality. Come and speak with us regarding how your animal lives its life and what particular care is needed to maintain him or her. At Safe Insure, however, we cover more specific facets of owning these beautiful animals – namely, Farrier Insurance and Workers Liability.

Equine Factors To Consider

If you are the primary caregiver for your animal or if you have employees who care for your animal as well or instead of you. This changes liability as regards your employees. 

Where and how your horse is housed is an important consideration. If your horse is housed under other auspices than your own, you need to know if the stable owner, the landowner has insurances that protect your horse when he or she is on their property.

Is the primary caretaker for your horse an employee of yours or of another? This factor will inform whether you need to have worker liability insurance for the caretaker of your animal. 

Speak with an agent as soon as possible to ensure the best protection.    

Safe Insure Plus LLC in Pryor, OK serves Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and Texas. Stop into our offices at 3301 S. Mill, in Pryor today. We can help you with your Auto, Home, Commercial, Boat/Watercraft. Motorcycle, Renters, RV, and Umbrella Insurance Products in addition to the Equine Insurance product. 

4 Additions that Make Your Boat Insurance More Useful

Boat insurance protects your leisure time investment and ensures the fun is never interrupted by unforeseen events. However, your policy can do more than pay medical bills and defray the costs of property damage. Here are 3 additions the agents at Safe Insure Plus LLC can add to your Pryor, OK boat policy to make it even better.

Off-Season Coverage

Why pay full price for your premiums when you can’t be on the water? Off-season coverage pays for damages that occur while your boat is in storage during the off-season. Any damage from theft, natural disasters, vandalism, or pest problems can be covered in these contracts.


Getting your boat from Pryor, OK to your desired destination can be tough. With towing assistance, you can have professional guidance throughout your journey. Some services include emergency assistance. If you run off the road, have a hard time getting your vessel docked, or simply need help finding equipment or storage options, this service could be an essential part of your nautical adventures.

Theft and Vandalism

Whether you’re on the way to a tropical island or docked at a popular resort destination, theft and vandalism are a big risk. Many malicious characters take advantage of vacationing boat owners and use your property as a personal piggy bank or amusement. Additional coverage in your boat insurance can ensure you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket to repair or replace your items.

Other People’s Property

When a problem happens on your vessel, it doesn’t always stay there. Fire, infestations, and other types of damage can spread to vessels that are docked near yours. Additional coverages can help you pay for liabilities related to damage on other vessels

Safe Insure Plus LLC is your source for customized boat insurance in the Pryor, OK area. Contact our agents to find out how to customize your policy to fit your lifestyle.

Important Facts about Classic Car Insurance

There are many classic car owners out there, who do not have proper coverage for their classic car because they falsely believe it is covered under a standard auto policy. If you have a classic car it is vital that you have it properly insured under a classic car policy and be aware of the requirements of the policy. If you are unsure if your classic car is properly insured and live in the Pryor, OK area please reach out to an agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC today.

In order to be considered  a classic car it must fall into one of the following three categories

Veterans: which are cars made before Dec 1904

Edwardian: cars made between 1905 and 1918

Limited: which are considered rare vehicles

While it might be tempting to drive your classic car on a daily basis, your classic car coverage will not cover you if use your car as a primary vehicle. Typically, classic car coverage will have a limit to the number of miles you can drive on an annual basis. If you are unsure what your limit is, check with your agent today.

If you want your car to be covered under a classic car policy, you need to make sure that you have proper storage for it as it cannot be parked outside in your driveway. In addition to the garage protecting the vehicle from the elements, insurance companies also want the garage secure to protect against theft. Some insurance companies strongly advise storing these vehicles in storage facilities that specialize in storing classic cars.

In order to qualify for classic car coverage, the driver must have an excellent driving record. In addition, you may need to be a certain age in order to qualify for this coverage.

If you would like to learn more about classic car coverage, reach out to an agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC. We proudly serve the Pryor, OK area.

Is It Ever Not Time To Use Your Motor Home?

A Motor Home  Can Be The Ever Present Evergreen Content Of Our Recreational Lives

No matter what the season your motor home  Your motor home can bring joy to the life of your family. In this way, the motor home can be evergreen. If something is “evergreen” it means that it is not designated for a particular set time. When it comes to your motor vehicle evergreen means that you can use your motor home at any given time of the year – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

What’s important to know is that insurance coverage can be fluid just like the use of your recreational vehicle. Typical motor home insurance coverages include providing coverage when your motor home is in use and out of use. There are a lot of different variables that come into play when you are playing with your motor home (pun intended). It matters if you want to park your vehicle for extended periods or have it ready to go year round. It is important where you park your motor home as well. As regards potential theft of your motor home, the retail value, as well as the make and model year of the vehicle, are factors to consider heavily.

 At Safe Insure Plus LLC located in Pryor, OK, we will take the time to sit down with you to discuss exactly how you want to use your motor home and what type of protection you need in order to use it to the best of your ability while covering your liability. Safe Insure Plus LLC is located in Pryor, OK 74361 Come into our offices today to continue your quest of your motor home reaching its evergreen potential.

Reasons to Get RV Insurance

Buying an RV is a great option for anyone that loves to take long road trips, go camping, or simply wants a recreational vehicle to enjoy with their friends and family. For those that are in the Pryor, OK area and are looking to buy an RV, making sure that it is properly covered by insurance is very important. There are several reasons why you should get insurance for your RV.

Ensures Full Legal Compliance

Similar to when you are driving any other type of vehicle, those that are driving an RV will be required by law to carry minimum levels of liability insurance. If you are caught driving without it, you could end up facing stiff penalties and fines. Further, if you have a loan out against the RV, the lender will require that you carry a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy. 

Gives You Protection

Ultimately, the most important reason why you should have insurance on your RV is that it will give you the protection that you need. With a RV insurance policy, you will receive liability and property insurance protection. This will give you protection if you are at fault in an accident and could also provide you with collision and comprehensive insurance coverage, which will provide you with financial protection against a variety of loss types 

When you are looking to purchase a RV, you also need to make sure that you speak with a professional about your RV insurance options. For those that are in the Pryor OK area, talking to the team at Safe Insure Plus LLC is a great choice. The professionals at Safe Insure Plus LLC will help you to assess all of the different options for you to make sure that you get into the right policy. 

Why is home insurance so important?

Owning a home in the Pryor, OK area can be a great long-term investment option. When you are looking for a new home, you need to make sure that you keep your property properly protected by insurance. There are several reasons why having home insurance is so important to you.

Protects Your Asset

Your home is the most significant and valuable investment that you will ever own. If you have home insurance in place, you will be helping to protect your insurance from unforeseen issues including fire, weather damage, theft, and vandalism. If you do not have home insurance in place, you will have to come out of pocket to make any repairs associated with these damages.

Gives Liability Protection

Those that have home insurance will also receive some very important liability coverage. If you own a property, you could be found liable if someone is injured while they are on your property. In these situations, your home insurance policy will give you liability protection in the event you are found to be at fault for an accident.

Ensures Compliance

Finally, you likely will be required by your mortgage lender and any condo association you are a member of to carry home insurance at all times. If you do not carry home insurance in these situations, you could be in violation of these agreements. This could result in penalties and other negative actions. 

Having insurance on your property is extremely important. If you are looking for a new home insurance policy, you should speak with the team at Safe Insure Plus LLC to discuss your needs. The team at Safe Insure Plus LLC could help Pryor, OK area homeowners get into a policy that provides them with the right type and level of coverage.

How does Motorcycle Insurance Vary From other Vehicle Insurance?

If you recently purchased a motorcycle in Pryor, OK, you’re probably wondering how you can get it insured. Though a motorcycle is a type of vehicle, you cannot apply an auto insurance policy as its protection.

Car and motorcycle insurance vary in several ways, although they have a few policy features in common. Here’s how a Safe Insure Plus LLC motorcycle policy differs from an auto policy.

An Auto Policy Carries More Passenger Coverage

Since a car naturally seats more passengers, an auto insurance policy is written with the assumption that more often then not, the driver will not be riding alone. On a motorcycle, however, you can only fit one extra person. Even so, drivers tend to ride alone.

For this reason, a motorcycle policy is often enough coverage for only one person. Your coverage for any damage you cause to a car will extend to that other car’s passengers as it should, but you may struggle to pay for your own damages.

You can get an additional guest coverage policy for your motorcycle if you wish. That is usually added on as an umbrella to your common policy.

Riding A Motorcycle Carries A Greater Risk

Whether you’re eager to admit this or not, riding a bike is riskier than driving a car. If you want a motorcycle policy, be prepared to pay more than you would for your car’s insurance.

If you’ve previously had a car accident, that can impact your motorcycle insurance as well. A motorcycle accident in your past can impact your current policy rate even more.

Are You Ready To Purchase Your Motorcycle Insurance?

Now that you understand the difference between a motorcycle policy and car insurance are you ready to secure your bike? If you’re looking to register the bike in Pryor, OK, call a Safe Insure Plus LLC agent to help you navigate your policy options. There is bound to be at least one policy that will help you enjoy your bike more, now that you have decided to cover it with extra protection.

Why Did My Auto Insurance Go Up?

Residents in the Pryor, OK area understand the importance of good auto insurance. Periodic rate fluctuations, however, can be frustrating. What are some of the reasons you might see a sudden increase in your auto insurance premiums?

  • Inflation. As the value of currency changes, insurance companies need to adjust their rates to keep up. This could increase your rates by a few dollars.
  • Your location. Where you routinely choose to park your car impacts your rates. This is because some areas are more prone to vandalism, accidents, and thefts. If you’ve recently moved, you may see your premiums rise in response to your new location.
  • You’ve gotten older. As you age, your abilities change. Insurance companies may adjust your rates to account for the increased possibility of an accident due to the effects of aging, The experts at Safe Insure Plus, LLC can help you understand what kind of impact your age might have on your insurance rates.
  • You’ve been involved in multiple accidents in a short period of time. This one is pretty obvious. Your premiums are based on your probability of getting into an accident. If you frequently file claims, your insurance provider might need to raise your rates to protect their own interests.
  • You keep switching companies. Longevity matters, and the longer you stay with a company, the less likely they’ll raise their rates. Those who frequently switch companies or go long periods without coverage are considered to be higher risk, and therefore need to pay more for coverage.
  • You bought a fancy new car. Newer model cars filled with futuristic features are fun to drive. They are also expensive to replace. Your premiums are, in part, based on the cost to repair or replace your vehicle.
  • You have too many traffic violations. Getting several tickets for moving violations shows a pattern of reckless driving, which can drive your monthly premiums sky-high.

Are you confused by your auto insurance rates? Talk to the professionals at Safe Insure Plus, LLC. We serve the auto insurance needs of residents in the Pryor, OK area. Let us help you understand exactly what you’re paying for in your auto insurance coverage.

Why Is Commercial Insurance Necessary?

When starting a company, there are many things to decide. One of those things is insurance coverage. Having commercial insurance is crucial for a business because it can protect your business from common losses including damage, theft, liability, and employee injury. An agent at Safe Insure Plus, LLC can help you determine the right insurance policy for your industry.

Are there requirements?

You are required in Pryor, OK to have workers compensation insurance, even if you don’t have any other business insurance. If you don’t have this insurance, you could face a number of fines or penalties.

Even if you don’t want to believe it, you could be sued at any time because we live in a litigious society. One lawsuit could mean that your business could fold. All it would take is one accident, broken contract, or disgruntled employee to have a lawsuit. Even if you win, your business could still fold due to having to pay legal fees.

Natural disasters can also occur, and if your business has to close, what happens next? With the right insurance, you can be protected from the loss of income if your business has to shut down normal operation for a specific time frame.

Business insurance helps protect the valuable asset that is your employees. Protecting your employees’ interests also helps protect your company against any liability claims or lawsuits.

Contracts may require you that you have insurance. If you rent or lease the business facility, your landlord may require that you have insurance to cover your liability. If you are borrowing money to finance some equipment, the loan agreement may require you to have insurance to cover the equipment. Depending on the industry, client contracts may also specify that you have insurance.

It’s impossible to predict the future, and that’s why insurance is necessary, whether it’s a natural disaster, injury, or lawsuit, you want to be protected.

Contact Safe Insure Plus, LLC, serving Pryor, OK, to get a quote on commercial insurance.