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Why you should take the time to insurance your classic car

Your classic car is your treasure. It took time, perhaps even years, restoring it. Now that you’ve got your classic vehicle in parade condition, you can truly enjoy its history, design, and power. Just as you’re careful about buffing the car and how you treat the upholstery, your insurance coverage is a matter worth serious consideration as well. 

Safe Insure Plus, LLC needs classic car owners to know that before they can start a policy, they must meet the requirements that qualify their vehicle as a classic. This can include the age of the car, how it is kept, what uses will be made for it, and more. A classic car policy also has an agreed upon amount for value because a classic vehicle does not depreciate like a regular car.

Our agents can assist you in finding the insurance coverage tailored to your unique needs. It’s a fact of life that as careful as you are with your classic car, unfortunate incidents can happen. We can tell you what is covered and to what degree. Your classic car deserves proper insurance protection, and with a proper policy, we can provide you the restoration parts for your vehicle in the event of an accident or disaster.

Here at Safe Insure Plus, LLC, we have the information you need, pulled from a variety of well established and recognized insurance providers. We enjoy helping our neighbors around Pryor, OK. Reach out to our agents to find out if your car is eligible for classic car insurance and learn how to get started.