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Five Benefits of Equine Mortality Insurance

Owning a horse is a special privilege. Whether it’s a family pet or an investment animal, a horse naturally becomes a major part of your life. When your animal passes away, the burden is more than emotional. It can also be a financial situation, especially for Pryor, OK area business owners who rely on them during their work days. Equine mortality insurance protects horse owners from financial loss. Here are several benefits of purchasing equine mortality insurance from Safe Insure Plus, LLC.

  • Your policy pays out for most types of accidents or situations that lead to the horse’s death. Animals that are vulnerable to attack from predators or work on a farm are protected from random accidents.
  • The cost of compassionate euthanasia is also covered. If your veterinarian recommends putting an animal down, your insurance policy will cover the financial costs so you can deal with the emotional side of things.
  • The payout from your policy will cover the cost of replacing your horse. This is a huge advantage for small operations where the loss of an animal can send a business grinding to a complete halt.
  • Stolen property is also covered under most contracts. If your horse comes up missing, your insurance policy will help pay for another one.
  • Colic surgery is a standard procedure for many horses. Your equine mortality insurance can be customized to provide partial coverage for medical costs associated with colic procedures. Extra medical insurance may also be available with additional policies.

Businesses and private owners need equine mortality insurance to protect their interests. Are your animals in the Pryor, OK area covered? Contact Safe Insure Plus, LLC to customize a policy that protects all the essential things in your animal’s life.