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How does Motorcycle Insurance Vary From other Vehicle Insurance?

If you recently purchased a motorcycle in Pryor, OK, you’re probably wondering how you can get it insured. Though a motorcycle is a type of vehicle, you cannot apply an auto insurance policy as its protection.

Car and motorcycle insurance vary in several ways, although they have a few policy features in common. Here’s how a Safe Insure Plus LLC motorcycle policy differs from an auto policy.

An Auto Policy Carries More Passenger Coverage

Since a car naturally seats more passengers, an auto insurance policy is written with the assumption that more often then not, the driver will not be riding alone. On a motorcycle, however, you can only fit one extra person. Even so, drivers tend to ride alone.

For this reason, a motorcycle policy is often enough coverage for only one person. Your coverage for any damage you cause to a car will extend to that other car’s passengers as it should, but you may struggle to pay for your own damages.

You can get an additional guest coverage policy for your motorcycle if you wish. That is usually added on as an umbrella to your common policy.

Riding A Motorcycle Carries A Greater Risk

Whether you’re eager to admit this or not, riding a bike is riskier than driving a car. If you want a motorcycle policy, be prepared to pay more than you would for your car’s insurance.

If you’ve previously had a car accident, that can impact your motorcycle insurance as well. A motorcycle accident in your past can impact your current policy rate even more.

Are You Ready To Purchase Your Motorcycle Insurance?

Now that you understand the difference between a motorcycle policy and car insurance are you ready to secure your bike? If you’re looking to register the bike in Pryor, OK, call a Safe Insure Plus LLC agent to help you navigate your policy options. There is bound to be at least one policy that will help you enjoy your bike more, now that you have decided to cover it with extra protection.