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Important Facts about Classic Car Insurance

There are many classic car owners out there, who do not have proper coverage for their classic car because they falsely believe it is covered under a standard auto policy. If you have a classic car it is vital that you have it properly insured under a classic car policy and be aware of the requirements of the policy. If you are unsure if your classic car is properly insured and live in the Pryor, OK area please reach out to an agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC today.

In order to be considered  a classic car it must fall into one of the following three categories

Veterans: which are cars made before Dec 1904

Edwardian: cars made between 1905 and 1918

Limited: which are considered rare vehicles

While it might be tempting to drive your classic car on a daily basis, your classic car coverage will not cover you if use your car as a primary vehicle. Typically, classic car coverage will have a limit to the number of miles you can drive on an annual basis. If you are unsure what your limit is, check with your agent today.

If you want your car to be covered under a classic car policy, you need to make sure that you have proper storage for it as it cannot be parked outside in your driveway. In addition to the garage protecting the vehicle from the elements, insurance companies also want the garage secure to protect against theft. Some insurance companies strongly advise storing these vehicles in storage facilities that specialize in storing classic cars.

In order to qualify for classic car coverage, the driver must have an excellent driving record. In addition, you may need to be a certain age in order to qualify for this coverage.

If you would like to learn more about classic car coverage, reach out to an agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC. We proudly serve the Pryor, OK area.