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4 Additions that Make Your Boat Insurance More Useful

Boat insurance protects your leisure time investment and ensures the fun is never interrupted by unforeseen events. However, your policy can do more than pay medical bills and defray the costs of property damage. Here are 3 additions the agents at Safe Insure Plus LLC can add to your Pryor, OK boat policy to make it even better.

Off-Season Coverage

Why pay full price for your premiums when you can’t be on the water? Off-season coverage pays for damages that occur while your boat is in storage during the off-season. Any damage from theft, natural disasters, vandalism, or pest problems can be covered in these contracts.


Getting your boat from Pryor, OK to your desired destination can be tough. With towing assistance, you can have professional guidance throughout your journey. Some services include emergency assistance. If you run off the road, have a hard time getting your vessel docked, or simply need help finding equipment or storage options, this service could be an essential part of your nautical adventures.

Theft and Vandalism

Whether you’re on the way to a tropical island or docked at a popular resort destination, theft and vandalism are a big risk. Many malicious characters take advantage of vacationing boat owners and use your property as a personal piggy bank or amusement. Additional coverage in your boat insurance can ensure you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket to repair or replace your items.

Other People’s Property

When a problem happens on your vessel, it doesn’t always stay there. Fire, infestations, and other types of damage can spread to vessels that are docked near yours. Additional coverages can help you pay for liabilities related to damage on other vessels

Safe Insure Plus LLC is your source for customized boat insurance in the Pryor, OK area. Contact our agents to find out how to customize your policy to fit your lifestyle.