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Some Factors Involved In Determining Your Equine Insurance

We take great pleasure and pride in serving our clients. Where you purchase insurance matters greatly. You can trust that we are taking great care of all of your insurance needs. 

Equine Insurance generally comes in three different modes of coverage: medical, liability and mortality. Come and speak with us regarding how your animal lives its life and what particular care is needed to maintain him or her. At Safe Insure, however, we cover more specific facets of owning these beautiful animals – namely, Farrier Insurance and Workers Liability.

Equine Factors To Consider

If you are the primary caregiver for your animal or if you have employees who care for your animal as well or instead of you. This changes liability as regards your employees. 

Where and how your horse is housed is an important consideration. If your horse is housed under other auspices than your own, you need to know if the stable owner, the landowner has insurances that protect your horse when he or she is on their property.

Is the primary caretaker for your horse an employee of yours or of another? This factor will inform whether you need to have worker liability insurance for the caretaker of your animal. 

Speak with an agent as soon as possible to ensure the best protection.    

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