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Does umbrella insurance cover legal fees

The Christmas holidays are already here with us. We will be having children playing in our Pryor, OK yards and visitors coming to visit. We cannot rule out accidents that may leave our loved ones injured or property destroyed.

And it is similarly impossible to predict whether we may land into lawsuits that can result from injuries property damage or car accidents. That is why Safe Insure Plus LLC recommends buying umbrella insurance to avoid certain devastating financial losses from such unforeseen events.

So, does umbrella insurance cover legal fees?

Umbrella insurance is an all-round type of policy that protects everything that matters to you like your personal assets and loved ones. In fact, umbrella insurance looks after your overall well-being including legal fees every time you are served with a lawsuit.

And who is it for?

Anyone can purchase umbrella insurance. You don’t have to be wealthy to acquire one. Accidents don’t choose whom to attack and regardless of whether you have assets or not, the little you have could end up being garnished by these unpredictable misfortunes.

What if I have other basic policies?

Umbrella insurance offers excess coverage above and beyond the basic coverage offered by basic policies like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, and home insurance. However, umbrella insurance is not self-dependent and can only be used when the standard policies are inadequate. 

What about legal fees

With an umbrella policy, legal fees are typically covered on top of the policy amount. The policy also pays you for appearing in a court proceeding–if it is associated with you losing money from work. This is particularly important for those who work on hourly jobs.

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