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Common Exclusions For Boat Insurance

When you set sail from Pryor, OK, your boat insurance is generally going to cover you against all of the common hazards, but there are some common exclusions that you should be aware of:

  • Wear and tear. Like any other property, your boat is going to be subject to the ravages of time. Boat insurance covers you if your boat is damaged in an accident, but not for the simple wear and tear of time.
  • Marine life. It’s unlikely that your boat is actually going to be attacked by a school of fish in Oklahoma, but if it does happen, your insurer won’t cover it. This is a bigger concern for seafaring vessels that have to deal with whales and sharks and so on.
  • Unnamed operators. If you loan your boat out to a friend and they’re not on your insurance, don’t expect a claim to cover the damages.
  • Improper storage and transportation. For instance, if your boat falls off the trailer while you’re driving to the lake because you didn’t secure it correctly, your insurer might deny the claim.
  • Races and other competitions. Regular use is one thing, but racing brings another element of risk that your insurer might not cover. You may be able to buy additional insurance for competitions or buy insurance through the race organizers.
  • Geographical limits. Your insurer may cover you on the lakes of Oklahoma, but if you take your boat out to the beach and set sail for Cuba, you probably won’t be covered.

If you’re looking to get covered in Pryor, OK, get in touch with us at Safe Insure Plus LLC. You can drop by the Safe Insure Plus LLC offices, call us or check out the website to get a quote on your boat insurance.