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A Thorough Overview Of Equine Insurance

Safe Insure Plus LLC assists Pryor OK residents through offering multiple insurance policies. We take pride in providing our clients with excellent customer service.

Equine Insurance

Many people in Oklahoma enjoy riding horses. If you enjoy horse racing, equine insurance protects your horse in several different situations. Horses are considered a valuable asset. Equine mortality coverage protects you in the event that your horse passes away. If you train or breed a variety of different horses, equine liability coverage protects you in the event of an accident where a horse tragically dies while in your possession. Commercial coverage provides protection for the daily activities that horses participate in, such as racing or training. If anyone assists you in training horses on your property, worker’s liability provides a layer of protection in the event that one of your assistants is injured.

Keep in mind that your policy may vary depending on the horse’s value. The coverage is different for a pet horse that is often used around the farm compared to a horse that participates in open shows and breed shows. You can add medical coverage to the policy to protect you if your horse is injured or gets ill. The coverage should take care of any treatment that your horse needs, including surgery. If the horse is permanently disabled, loss of use coverage will help you deal with the next steps.

Safe Insure Plus LLC Will Help You Find The Right Policy

We understand how important horses are in the community. We will help you evaluate your options and find equine insurance that protects you and your prized asset. Stop by our office in Pryor, OK today.