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Oklahoma Auto insurance coverage

Understanding the Fundamental Elements of an Automobile Declaration Page

Insurance policies run for a predetermined set term. The majority of car insurance policies renew every six months, with the exact term depending on the car owner’s coverage. At renewal, automobile owners in and around the Pryor, OK area receive a renewal insurance declaration page detailing the coverage specifics for the upcoming insurance term.

Most consumers are interested in the amount due – the insurance premium. However, the declaration page contains important insurance information regarding one’s coverage and should not be disregarded.

Who’s Driving the Car?

The automobile declarations page identifies which drivers are covered by your selected policy. Have you reviewed the contents of your insurance policy lately? For example, has a teenage child moved from your home in Pryor OK, and you’re needlessly covering them as a driver under your policy?

Are You Over or Underinsured? What’s covered?

The automobile declarations page also delineates the exact coverage (and applicable limits) on the vehicle(s) listed on the insurance policy.

  • Are you overpaying for coverage you do not need? For example, do you have a car from the mid-2000s where it makes little sense to carry collision coverage?
  • Are you underinsured? Have your assets increased significantly from the time you initially set your liability limits? Do you have more to lose now?

Vehicles That are Covered

Most consumers remember to update their insurance policies when they change vehicles. However, it is worth a glance to confirm that the cars you want to be insured are listed on the declaration page.

At Safe Insure Plus LLC, our insurance professionals are available to review your automobile insurance policy by phone or by email. Additionally, auto insurance quotes are available using Safe Insure Plus LLC’s online quote contact form.