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How Much Boat Insurance do You Need in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma doesn’t require that you have boat insurance to operate your boats on the water. In some cases, you do need insurance though. If your boat is financed, the mortgage company requires you to have insurance and if the boat is put up for collateral for a loan, you will also need insurance. Some marinas require boat insurance for you to store a boat with them. At Safe Insure Plus LLC in Pryor, OK we can help you with all your needs.

What types of Boat Insurance are there?

Since you aren’t mandated to carry boat insurance, it is fully customizable coverage. The most common items are a liability that pays for the loss of another party’s assets if you are at fault for an accident. Medical coverage will help to cover any injuries you or anyone on your boat sustain because of an accident. Boat coverage will help you to get your boat repaired after an accident and it may replace your entire boat if it is totaled. Boat coverage includes collision to repair your boat if it is damaged in an accident and comprehensive coverage helps you get your boat repaired in the case of any other damage besides an accident. This can include acts of nature, such as a hail storm, a tree falling on your boat, or a fire that damages your boat. On-water towing will pay to tow your boat to shore in case it is inoperable.

What Other Types of Coverage Are Available for Boats?

You can also insure the contents of your boat, including your expensive fishing or skiing gear, laptops, and cellphones if they are in the boat with you. Fuel cleanup insurance will pay for the cost of cleaning up your fuel in the water after a boating accident. You can also add underinsured and uninsured coverage, so if another boater is at fault for an accident and they have no insurance or too little to cover your damages, the insurance will pay for it.

Choose a Boat Insurance Specialist

At Safe Insure Plus LLC, we understand it can be confusing to secure boat insurance and we are here to help you. You can call or drop by the office in Pryor, OK to speak with a knowledgeable representative.