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4 common myths every new car insurance policyholder should know

Auto insurance is a popular policy as it is a requirement in Pryor, OK, and other parts of America. That’s why there is a lot of information and misinformation about the policy that could easily affect your insurance purchase decisions if you’re a new driver.

When purchasing auto insurance, it is prudent to have the correct information to know which coverages and factors affect your policy. In this post, Safe Insure Plus LLC will help you separate between myths and facts.

The color affects your premiums

Many people believe that red cars are expensive to insure. This myth is not only misleading but also quite irrelevant. Your insurance company does not care about the color but the engine capacity, body of the vehicle, size, year, model, and other critical details.

You save money with fewer coverages

Quite the opposite. Auto insurance coverages play a significant role in protecting your finances in case of an accident. Every coverage you get will be used for a different purpose in an accident. The last thing you want is to pay for your injuries and damages from your pockets after an accident.

If you change insurers, you lose your no-claim bonus (NCB)

No claim bonus protection is given to the vehicle (not the policyholder) for not filing a claim on your auto insurance policy. When you change your insurer, your no-claim bonus gets transferred too and stays with you all through.

It costs more to insure your vehicle when you get older

In contrast, new drivers are likely to pay more compared to older drivers, as older drivers are assumed to be more experienced than new drivers. Additionally, older drivers, especially retirees, are eligible for discounts as they tend to drive less.

Buying auto insurance in Pryor, OK?  Our insurance professionals at Safe Insure Plus LLC can help you find a policy that matches your needs, style, and budget. Call us today!