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4 Benefits of Having Comprehensive and Collision Policies

Automobile accidents can happen at any time. There are other major events that can occur and cause damage to your vehicle or lead you to be at fault for damages or injury to another party. This is a good reason to have comprehensive and collision policies added to your auto insurance. An expert agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC of the Pryor, OK area can help you decide if you should get these and what benefit they can provide.

Comprehensive Insurance Benefits

When you have a comprehensive policy, it covers incidents that occur that are outside of your control. This includes earthquakes, hailstorms, hurricanes, tornados, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and if you hit an animal while you’re driving. It also covers if your automobile’s windows are broken or shattered through no fault of your own.

Collision Coverage Benefits

When you have collision coverage, you can rest assured that you’ll receive coverage for damages to your vehicle after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. This includes if you hit a parked car or someone hits your parked car if there’s a hit-and-run accident and if you drive into a ditch, among other things. You would have to file a claim and be reimbursed, which you can do in most cases even if the other party isn’t insured.

Having these types of policies already at the time of the incident saves you a great deal of headaches and stress. It may be tricky to file a claim, but your insurance agent can help you with this matter so that it’s much easier.

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