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6 Types of Renter’s Insurance Claims

Renter’s insurance coverage is often overlooked by many tenants renting in and around the Pryor, OK area. However, after reading the following renters’ insurance claim scenarios, you will likely want to explore the rental insurance possibilities offered by Safe insure Plus LLC to ensure you proactively protect one’s property from the unexpected and foreseen.

Rental Insurance Claim Scenarios In & Around Pryor, OK

Theft Claims

An insured renter visited her parents and while she away, thieves broke stole thousands of dollars in electronics and jewelry. This renter smartly chose to itemize their expensive valuables, so their insurance covered the costs of replacing the stolen items.

Fire Claims

The home of a neighbor caught fire. The resulting fire and smoke damage to the insured renter’s apartment was repaired by a specialist and paid by the insurance policy.

Vandalism Claims

While at work, an insured renter’s apartment was vandalized by teenagers who spray-painted and destroyed the insured property and parts of the rental unit.

Water Claims

An insured renter had their personal belongings damaged from a roof leak. While the landlord was tasked with the responsibility of repairing the roof, the landlord’s insurance did not cover a renter’s personal property. Note – rental insurance would.

Property Damage Claims

An insured renter’s kids were playing baseball and accidentally broke a neighbor’s front glass fixture. Renter’s insurance covered the cost of replacing the fixture.

Bodily Injury Claims

An insured renter’s son lost control of a bike and hit another bike rider, causing injuries. The insured filed a claim which ultimately paid for the biker’s injuries.

It is important to note that renter’s insurance will even cover theft from the insured’s vehicle, even if parked on the street. For additional information, please contact the insurance professionals at Safe insure Plus LLC.