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Oklahoma Auto insurance coverage

Narrowing Down the Options with Equine Insurance in Pryor, OK

Car insurance is not the only type of insurance that is required in the state of Oklahoma. One little-known fact is that equine insurance (insurance for horses) is also mandatory in the state. This is likely due to the fact that horses, rodeos, horse shows, and other equine events are so in demand in the state, that it increases the likelihood of loss.

Types of Coverage for Equine

There are many types of coverage for equine insurance in the state of Oklahoma. Below are a few of the most common types. 

  1. Major medical coverage– Covers illnesses and vet bills that may be required for your livestock
  2. Surgical coverage– Covers needed surgery
  3. Mortality insurance– Covers in case of the death of a horse or horses
  4. Limited mortality– Covers the death of a horse under specific circumstances
  5. Personal liability– Covers liability or legal action that could be taken against you due to injury or mortality of a person using or working with your horses
  6. Loss of use– Covers the loss you suffer due to no longer being able to utilize your horses for work or pleasure

Equine Insurance in Oklahoma

If you live in the Pryor, OK area, it is wise to get with an insurance company that has your best interests at heart. The friendly professionals of Safe Insure Plus LLC cover the Pryor area. They are eager to get in touch with equine owners in the state to make sure owners have adequate coverage for their horses and related property.

Learn more about what equine insurance covers and get an assessment of what you should do to insure yourself from loss in your work or play in the equine industry! Visit with Safe Insure Plus LLC today, covering the Pryor, OK area.