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How Oklahoma Umbrella Insurance Can Help With These 3 Legal Problems

When you own a home, a vehicle, or have a profession where you could be subject to civil claims or lawsuits, umbrella insurance is an excellent way to provide additional liability coverage. Umbrella insurance will cover you in the event of lawsuits or legal problems that are unmanageable after your current coverage limits.

At Safe Insure Plus LLC, we want Pryor, OK residents to have the coverage they need for every potential legal problem in life.  Here are three legal reasons you may get some umbrella insurance coverage.

Defamation of Character

Slander, and libel, are two terms that fall under the category of defamation. Lies made about someone or something could put you at risk of a defamation lawsuit. 

You may have liability coverage for this, but it may not be enough. Umbrella insurance is a liability coverage with a higher coverage limit that can cover the costs of a defamation lawsuit.

False Arrest

A false arrest occurs when someone is arrested without cause, and this causes emotional pain and suffering. If a false arrest occurs because of something that you said or did, you could get sued. Umbrella insurance would cover this.

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious prosecution is much like a false arrest but occurs in the court system. This occurs after an indictment or charge has been levied.

It can happen that an indictment or charge is levied maliciously, which is illegal. You could get sued for this. Umbrella insurance would cover this.

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These are just a few of the legal problems you could have covered with the liability insurance known as umbrella insurance. If you don’t already have umbrella insurance, now is a good time to update your insurance bundles with an umbrella insurance policy. 

At Safe Insure Plus LLC, we want Pryor, OK residents to feel secure in their lives and protected from every potential legal liability. Call us for a quote on umbrella insurance today.