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What’s Unique About Umbrella Insurance?

Liability insurance covers you and your family when accused by other people. For instance, home insurance comes to your rescue if your pet bites someone. Auto insurance pays for the damages if you are at fault for a car accident. However, your home or auto insurance can only do so much when faced with significant liability claims.

When your typical liability coverages are stretched, you will be a lucky fellow if you have umbrella insurance from Safe Insure Plus LLC of Pryor, OK. This coverage picks off from where your typical liability coverages leave off, protecting your assets and earnings.  

What’s unique about umbrella insurance?

Now that you know how umbrella insurance protects you, let’s look at the benefits of umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is superior because:

  • It provides unique protection: Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage not covered by other conventional coverages. You may have home and auto liability coverages, but none offers coverage against personal liabilities like slander, false arrest, malicious asset, and libel. So, umbrella insurance not only provides higher liability coverage but also offers broader coverage.
  • No geographical limitation: Your home insurance and auto insurance are limited within the boundaries of America. However, if you have umbrella insurance, it protects you anywhere in the world.
  • Super affordable: You may be mistaken to think that umbrella insurance is expensive given the high coverage it provides. The reality is that umbrella insurance is pretty affordable since it comes into play after the underlying insurance policy has been exhausted.
  • Protects your assets: Given that you can be sued for virtually anything in America, umbrella insurance gives you the confidence that your assets are well-covered even when lawsuits come knocking on your doors.

Ready to boost your auto or home insurance with umbrella insurance? If you are in Pryor, OK and its environs, please get in touch with Safe Insure Plus LLC for a competitive quote.