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Do I Need Renters Insurance Even if My Landlord Has Insurance?

One of the most common reasons most tenants don’t have insurance is because they believe the landlord’s insurance covers them. While the landlord has insurance, this coverage only covers the rented property. You have to get renters insurance from Safe Insure Plus LLC of Pryor, OK for optimal protection of your possessions.

Is renters insurance mandatory?

No Oklahoma law requires tenants to invest in renters insurance. However, some property owners may require you to purchase renters insurance before letting their property. This requirement cushions the landlord against liabilities you may cause to other tenants. But whether renters insurance is compulsory or not, it’s time you started considering this coverage.

Why should I invest in renters insurance?

You might wonder whether renters insurance is worth the investment. The truth is that renters insurance is worth every penny because it protects you in the areas below:

  • Liability protection: You may not have thought about it, but liability coverage is a lifesaver. One liability claim (for instance, your pet biting someone) can put you in a financial mess in ways you never imagined. In light of this, consider renters insurance to cover you when faced with liabilities.
  • Assets protection: It has taken your resources, time, and efforts to accumulate the assets you own. So, why not protect your belongings with renters insurance? Purchase umbrella insurance to cover your assets. And the good thing is that your asset doesn’t get coverage only when inside your house. Renters insurance covers your assets even when outside the rented dwelling.
  • Loss of use: Renters insurance pays for the additional living expenses if a risk listed in your policy makes your dwelling unlivable. It means that renters insurance covers expenses like hotel food, accommodation, laundry, and other costs until your home becomes habitable again.

Ready to invest in renters insurance in Pryor, OK? If yes, please get in touch with Safe Insure Plus LLC for a competitive quote.