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Things to Know About Equine Insurance

You undoubtedly know about health insurance for people and pet insurance for pets like dogs and cats. But did you know there is equine insurance? Here are some key things to know about it. This information is courtesy of Safe Insure Plus LLC, serving Pryor, OK.

What is Equine Insurance?

Equine insurance pays for costs related to veterinary expenses. Those are costs with a veterinarian, a medical professional who diagnoses, cares for and treats animals. Those expenses include accidents, injuries, diseases, and illnesses. That said, not every veterinary cost is covered under equine insurance. Some items that equine insurance does not include are the cost of a horse’s transportation to receive treatment, preexisting conditions, and elective procedures. There are also numerous other costs that equine insurance does not cover.

Who Needs Equine Insurance

People who have horses would need equine insurance. That is especially relevant for people who anticipate having veterinary expenses. Then again, probably most people who have horses would be in that category.

Why You Need Equine Insurance

You would need equine insurance if you have a horse and expect the horse to have veterinary expenses. It is much better to have insurance than to deal with unanticipated veterinary expenses for a horse.

Things to Keep in Mind

Just remember that equine insurance can work quite a bit differently from other types of insurance with which you might be familiar. So it is important to be informed about the details. For example, equine insurance may only cover unexpected and sudden veterinary expenses.

If you have questions or need further information about equine insurance, contact Safe Insure Plus LLC serving Pryor, OK. That way, you will be more informed about specific details related to this unique type of insurance.