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What is umbrella insurance and why do I need it?

Some types are insurance are essential; there is no question about the value they offer. Since so few people understand what umbrella insurance is, it isn’t on your list of vital coverage. If you have assets and you would like to not only protect them but keep them, umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that should be considered. At Safe Insure Plus LLC  in Pryor, OK we are independent agents who work with many carriers to find the best coverage for our customers. 

Picture a large umbrella, imagine it starts to rain really hard. The umbrella offers great protection against the rain. You arrive at your destination safely and dry. Think of yourself as your assets and the umbrella is your umbrella policy. You will end up with your future safer if you are protected. 

An umbrella policy is a separate policy you buy to enhance other policies that you have,. You must have a policy with liability coverage to buy umbrella insurance. Your average home or auto insurance policy offers liability protection but at lower limits than you need to keep you well covered. Considering how much hospital bills can be for an injury,  add pain and suffering and lost time, and even $100,000 may seem very inadequate. Given the size of judgments these days and legal fees, if you don’t have enough insurance coverage you could lose everything you have and even have your future wages attached. 

You don’t need to be rich in order to benefit from umbrella insurance. If you have any assets you are vulnerable to being sued. Why take the risk when umbrella insurance can offer you 1-5 million dollars in protection for a very reasonable cost. 

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