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Oklahoma Auto insurance coverage

Is Commercial Insurance Required in Pryor, OK?

If you own a small business in Pryor OK, you want to protect your investment. Knowing what kind of insurance is required will help you choose the right policy for your business. Safe Insure Plus LLC understands that commercial insurance is full of complexities. If you are considering your insurance options, here’s what you should know.

Does Oklahoma Require Liability Insurance?

If you own a business, you are not required to have general commercial liability insurance. Still, you will find few businesses that do not have liability policies. If you want to protect yourself, it is important to carry liability insurance to prevent the serious impact of a lawsuit. Additionally, some businesses and clients will not work with other businesses that do not carry liability insurance.

Does Oklahoma Require Workers’ Compensation?

Oklahoma does require workers’ compensation insurance. Whether you employ full-time or part-time employees, your business must have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers work injuries and illnesses.

Does Oklahoma Require Commercial Auto Insurance?

If your business owns vehicles that are used for work purposes, commercial auto insurance is a requirement in your state. Auto liability in Oklahoma requires $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Commercial auto insurance requirements also include $25,000 for property damage liability per accident.

Learn More About Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma.

Do you own a business? Do you want to make sure that you are covered if something does happen? Safe Insure Plus LLC, which serves Pryor, OK, can help you choose the right insurance for your business to ensure that you meet the state’s requirements and have protection that is more than adequate.

Narrowing Down the Options with Equine Insurance in Pryor, OK

Car insurance is not the only type of insurance that is required in the state of Oklahoma. One little-known fact is that equine insurance (insurance for horses) is also mandatory in the state. This is likely due to the fact that horses, rodeos, horse shows, and other equine events are so in demand in the state, that it increases the likelihood of loss.

Types of Coverage for Equine

There are many types of coverage for equine insurance in the state of Oklahoma. Below are a few of the most common types. 

  1. Major medical coverage– Covers illnesses and vet bills that may be required for your livestock
  2. Surgical coverage– Covers needed surgery
  3. Mortality insurance– Covers in case of the death of a horse or horses
  4. Limited mortality– Covers the death of a horse under specific circumstances
  5. Personal liability– Covers liability or legal action that could be taken against you due to injury or mortality of a person using or working with your horses
  6. Loss of use– Covers the loss you suffer due to no longer being able to utilize your horses for work or pleasure

Equine Insurance in Oklahoma

If you live in the Pryor, OK area, it is wise to get with an insurance company that has your best interests at heart. The friendly professionals of Safe Insure Plus LLC cover the Pryor area. They are eager to get in touch with equine owners in the state to make sure owners have adequate coverage for their horses and related property.

Learn more about what equine insurance covers and get an assessment of what you should do to insure yourself from loss in your work or play in the equine industry! Visit with Safe Insure Plus LLC today, covering the Pryor, OK area. 

How Much Boat Insurance do You Need in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma doesn’t require that you have boat insurance to operate your boats on the water. In some cases, you do need insurance though. If your boat is financed, the mortgage company requires you to have insurance and if the boat is put up for collateral for a loan, you will also need insurance. Some marinas require boat insurance for you to store a boat with them. At Safe Insure Plus LLC in Pryor, OK we can help you with all your needs.

What types of Boat Insurance are there?

Since you aren’t mandated to carry boat insurance, it is fully customizable coverage. The most common items are a liability that pays for the loss of another party’s assets if you are at fault for an accident. Medical coverage will help to cover any injuries you or anyone on your boat sustain because of an accident. Boat coverage will help you to get your boat repaired after an accident and it may replace your entire boat if it is totaled. Boat coverage includes collision to repair your boat if it is damaged in an accident and comprehensive coverage helps you get your boat repaired in the case of any other damage besides an accident. This can include acts of nature, such as a hail storm, a tree falling on your boat, or a fire that damages your boat. On-water towing will pay to tow your boat to shore in case it is inoperable.

What Other Types of Coverage Are Available for Boats?

You can also insure the contents of your boat, including your expensive fishing or skiing gear, laptops, and cellphones if they are in the boat with you. Fuel cleanup insurance will pay for the cost of cleaning up your fuel in the water after a boating accident. You can also add underinsured and uninsured coverage, so if another boater is at fault for an accident and they have no insurance or too little to cover your damages, the insurance will pay for it.

Choose a Boat Insurance Specialist

At Safe Insure Plus LLC, we understand it can be confusing to secure boat insurance and we are here to help you. You can call or drop by the office in Pryor, OK to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

What is the insurance definition of a classic car?

Perhaps you purchased an older model car or truck or your vehicle you purchased years ago has aged into classic status. You might have noticed that parts seem to get more expensive as your vehicle ages. You might decide to drive it less often because it no longer earns good gas mileage.

Classic car insurance can save you money because its premium cost you less, says Safe Insure Plus LLC serving Pryor, OK. You agree to drive the car only for 1,000 miles per year. Doing so lets you save big and provides for the full replacement value of the vehicle should anything happen to it.

What cars qualify for classic car insurance?

Your vehicle typically must be 25 years old or older and the insurance company classes it a classic. It must have been restored to its original condition. This occurs at an appraisal that also sets its replacement value. The types of vehicles that qualify include:

  • Antique farm vehicles,
  • Classic military vehicles,
  • Classic motorcycles,
  • Collector cars manufactured pre-1980,
  • Limited edition or collectible model vehicles,
  • Modified street rods manufactured pre-1949,
  • Vintage cars manufactured from 1919 to 1930.

Other Qualifications for Classic Car Policies

You must have a safe storage place for it, such as a garage or parking space in a covered parking garage. You also need to keep the mileage on the vehicle low and prove that you keep the vehicle in good condition with regular maintenance. You also need to have a strong driving record and own or lease a second vehicle to drive as your main car or truck. Your driving record needs to be clean for five to 25 years, depending on the underwriting company.

Some younger cars and trucks can qualify as a classic if they were modified to created added value or to create a unique model. Exotic vehicles less than 15 years of age, such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari, can also qualify for this insurance since they increase in value with age typically.

Contact Safe Insure Plus LLC serving Pryor, OK to learn more about classic car insurance and to obtain a policy for your qualifying vehicle.

How Do I Know What Kind of RV Coverage To Purchase

Having a recreational vehicle in Pryor, OK, comes in handy. You can have any local vacation that you will consider without any challenges. Safe Insure Plus LLC recommends that you have the best RV insurance to cater to the needs of your recreational vehicle.

However, most RV owners do not understand what type of RV insurance they need. If you’re confused about RV coverage, here are some factors to guide you on the best recreational vehicle insurance. 

Standard RV Coverage

Standard RV coverage is what every RV owner should make sure they have before starting their vacation. In most states, standard RV insurance coverage is required by the law. Therefore, failure to buy this insurance coverage can lead to some significant challenges.

In most cases, the standard recreational vehicle coverage covers the basics that everyone needs while on vacation. Some major issues covered by the standard RV coverage include:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Medical Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage and 
  • Personal Property Coverage

Optional RV Coverage

Besides the standard RV coverage, you might consider having additional insurance coverage to cater to specialized needs. Some aspects to cover using optional RV coverage include:

  • Residential Liability

  • Storage Coverage

  • Full Replacement Cost

  • Personal Attachments Coverage

  • Road Side Assistance

  • Emergency Expense 

Both the standard and optional RV coverage are essential. They are all used to address some form of uncertainty. Depending on your financial capability and legal requirements, it is essential to choose coverage that meets your needs. 

Are You Interested in RV Insurance Coverage?

As a new recreational vehicle owner in Pryor, OK, the first thing you should consider has RV coverage. Safe Insure Plus LLC will help you to protect your new investment against possible uncertainties. Reach out to our offices today for advice on the best RV coverage to buy.

6 Types of Renter’s Insurance Claims

Renter’s insurance coverage is often overlooked by many tenants renting in and around the Pryor, OK area. However, after reading the following renters’ insurance claim scenarios, you will likely want to explore the rental insurance possibilities offered by Safe insure Plus LLC to ensure you proactively protect one’s property from the unexpected and foreseen.

Rental Insurance Claim Scenarios In & Around Pryor, OK

Theft Claims

An insured renter visited her parents and while she away, thieves broke stole thousands of dollars in electronics and jewelry. This renter smartly chose to itemize their expensive valuables, so their insurance covered the costs of replacing the stolen items.

Fire Claims

The home of a neighbor caught fire. The resulting fire and smoke damage to the insured renter’s apartment was repaired by a specialist and paid by the insurance policy.

Vandalism Claims

While at work, an insured renter’s apartment was vandalized by teenagers who spray-painted and destroyed the insured property and parts of the rental unit.

Water Claims

An insured renter had their personal belongings damaged from a roof leak. While the landlord was tasked with the responsibility of repairing the roof, the landlord’s insurance did not cover a renter’s personal property. Note – rental insurance would.

Property Damage Claims

An insured renter’s kids were playing baseball and accidentally broke a neighbor’s front glass fixture. Renter’s insurance covered the cost of replacing the fixture.

Bodily Injury Claims

An insured renter’s son lost control of a bike and hit another bike rider, causing injuries. The insured filed a claim which ultimately paid for the biker’s injuries.

It is important to note that renter’s insurance will even cover theft from the insured’s vehicle, even if parked on the street. For additional information, please contact the insurance professionals at Safe insure Plus LLC.

What You Need to Know About Umbrella Insurance

Often when we think of investments we think of the stock market or retirement savings, but what about insurance? Insurance is definitely an important type of investment that you can make to protect your future financial security. At Safe Insure Plus LLC, serving Pryor, OK we know you want to make the best investment choices for your family. We make it a priority to bring you top-notch insurance information so you can make solid choices today which will make a healthy financial impact for your family in the future. Keep reading to find out how our umbrella insurance products can be an important part of your investment strategy. 

What is Umbrella Insurance? 

There are many insurance products available; life, health, automobile, home, and commercial. What many people do not consider, though, is that these types of policies all have limits on how much they will pay on any specific claim. This means that if you face a large financial expense it could exhaust your policy. When this happens you could be left with out-of-pocket expenses to pay. Umbrella insurance is an insurance product that can help to protect against this. 

An umbrella policy is designed to kick in if another policy is exhausted, and you are still left with expenses. 

Who Should Consider Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance can benefit anyone, but individuals who have large assets, investments, or savings should especially consider this extra layer of protection. Your assets could be in danger during a significant financial event. In order to protect your assets, an umbrella policy can be activated. It is also a good idea for individuals who are employed in high-risk situations or who operate high-risk businesses to consider umbrella insurance. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at Safe Insure Plus LLC, serving Pryor, OK.

Motorcycle Insurance for Young Riders- What You Need to Know

Safe Insure Plus LLC understands that it is very hard for people living in Pryor, OK to get motorcycle insurance for young riders. Most of the policies available in the market are very expensive because they have to cater to the young age and the riding inexperience that one has. However, you don’t have to always pay the exorbitant expenses. There are some essential tips you can incorporate to lower the premiums. 

Choose a Smaller Engine

Choosing a bike with a smaller engine is a strategic method of lowering the associated expenses on your insurance policy because they are less powerful. Insurance companies charge low premiums for bikes with smaller engines because they know that it is also cheap to repair or replace such bikes owing to their lower prices.

Drive Safely

Following on the road rules is the best technique and strategy that everyone out there with a young rider can lower insurance premiums. Driving safely eliminates unnecessary and costly mistakes, which might lead to points or convictions. Insurance companies will always focus on the driving history when awarding you an insurance policy. The more mistakes the higher the cost of insurance.

Avoid Modifying Your Bike

Naturally, many people are highly interested in modifying their bikes for speed and attraction. To insurance companies, any modification of your motorcycle leads to higher value and speed, which they view as increased risk. In such cases, the insurance company will always increase the associated insurance expenses, which could go to unmanageable levels. 

Safe Insure Plus LLC has been in the industry for many years and has been helping young riders in Pryor, OK to get the necessary insurance policies without introducing many barriers or increased expenses. If you’re looking for a young rider’s insurance, contact us today for detailed information on our policies.

4 Benefits of Having Comprehensive and Collision Policies

Automobile accidents can happen at any time. There are other major events that can occur and cause damage to your vehicle or lead you to be at fault for damages or injury to another party. This is a good reason to have comprehensive and collision policies added to your auto insurance. An expert agent at Safe Insure Plus LLC of the Pryor, OK area can help you decide if you should get these and what benefit they can provide.

Comprehensive Insurance Benefits

When you have a comprehensive policy, it covers incidents that occur that are outside of your control. This includes earthquakes, hailstorms, hurricanes, tornados, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and if you hit an animal while you’re driving. It also covers if your automobile’s windows are broken or shattered through no fault of your own.

Collision Coverage Benefits

When you have collision coverage, you can rest assured that you’ll receive coverage for damages to your vehicle after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. This includes if you hit a parked car or someone hits your parked car if there’s a hit-and-run accident and if you drive into a ditch, among other things. You would have to file a claim and be reimbursed, which you can do in most cases even if the other party isn’t insured.

Having these types of policies already at the time of the incident saves you a great deal of headaches and stress. It may be tricky to file a claim, but your insurance agent can help you with this matter so that it’s much easier.

Contact us today at Safe Insure Plus LLC of Pryor, OK and beyond so you can talk over your auto insurance options and get set up with exactly what you need.

What is umbrella insurance and why do I need it?

Some types are insurance are essential; there is no question about the value they offer. Since so few people understand what umbrella insurance is, it isn’t on your list of vital coverage. If you have assets and you would like to not only protect them but keep them, umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that should be considered. At Safe Insure Plus LLC  in Pryor, OK we are independent agents who work with many carriers to find the best coverage for our customers. 

Picture a large umbrella, imagine it starts to rain really hard. The umbrella offers great protection against the rain. You arrive at your destination safely and dry. Think of yourself as your assets and the umbrella is your umbrella policy. You will end up with your future safer if you are protected. 

An umbrella policy is a separate policy you buy to enhance other policies that you have,. You must have a policy with liability coverage to buy umbrella insurance. Your average home or auto insurance policy offers liability protection but at lower limits than you need to keep you well covered. Considering how much hospital bills can be for an injury,  add pain and suffering and lost time, and even $100,000 may seem very inadequate. Given the size of judgments these days and legal fees, if you don’t have enough insurance coverage you could lose everything you have and even have your future wages attached. 

You don’t need to be rich in order to benefit from umbrella insurance. If you have any assets you are vulnerable to being sued. Why take the risk when umbrella insurance can offer you 1-5 million dollars in protection for a very reasonable cost. 

Contact Safe Insure Plus LLC in Pryor, OK to learn more about how an umbrella policy can give you peace of mind.